Ask around and you’ll quickly find that an obsession with overworking your employees is going to drive their productivity and your profits down. Rather than continuing to take from them without showing your appreciation, make time to have a big corporate event for them this year. However, if you don’t get any proof of your exciting corporate party, how can you expect anyone to know what a great time you all had?

Here are four reasons why you need a photo booth and what you can do to make use of the photos you collect.

1. Promote Your Next Event

When you host a big corporate event, you should get yourself a photo booth. It ensures you get a lot of great photos to show off how great your event is at the next one. Without evidence from your past events, no one will know how big your next one is.

The great thing about having photographic evidence of each of your big corporate events is that you can collect a few years worth of photos. You can make it seem like you’ve got this endless stream of fun, good looking, and talented people coming through your door. You’ll be able to look your best and get people excited about new events.

When you need sponsors or people to donate to a charity auction, they’ll want to know what they get out of it. With the help of your photo booth, you’ll have evidence that you know how to bring people together. You’ll be able to show that you attract talent and have fun when you have a large corporate event or sponsored event.

2. Show Off a New Product

Every time you have a new product, you should throw a party. When you have a party, you build hype around a new product and get the chance to give exclusive access to the best in the business. However, if you don’t show this off in photos, no one will ever know that you had that event.

Show off products with your photo booth or a photographer at your next event. A photo booth lets your visitors take a memory home with them to show off how much fun they had with your new product. Pictures also allow you to promote your products in the future.

Showing off a new product to the world is a challenge. You don’t know how people will perceive the product if its something new. If it’s similar to previous releases, you don’t want to bore your customers. You have to find a delicate balance if you want people excited about the product you’re about to release.

Showing off a new product to the world is much easier when you’ve got some photographic evidence that people enjoyed it. Show them photos from your big corporate event and you’ll have all the proof you need.

3. Celebrate Your Team

Your team is full of smart and talented people who ensure that you get the job done day in and day out. They work hard to create, promote, and win support for new products. Without them, you’d be stuck with products that don’t resonate or with great products that don’t sell.

Any way you slice it, your team keeps your business running.

With a corporate event, you get to celebrate your team, reward them with food and drink, and take photos to remind them of how much fun they have. They want to see Steve from accounting loosen his tie and get down on the dance floor. They want to play beer pong with your C-level executives and get some photos to prove it.

With a photo booth, you get to collect images that you can use later to show your team how much you care. Collecting photos from your corporate event that you can use at your next holiday party could be a fun way to get people in the spirit. You want to tell your team and your staff that you care and with the help of a photo booth, you can show them that you love to celebrate with them.

4. Spread Love On Social Media

Social media is a great way to let people know about your products, your services, or any kind of happenings at your business. With the help of a photo booth, you get the chance to tap into that energy. One of the things that people love to do is to show off good times on social media, so help them out by enabling a photo booth to post immediately.

You can include a login window to allow people to put their photos onto Facebook or their favorite social media app. If your staff doesn’t want to give away their info, give them a hashtag that allows you to collect all your photos. After all, what good are the photos if you can’t find them and collect them.

Every business needs a social media profile. Most customers want to do business with a company that has an exciting corporate culture. They want to see a corporate culture where people have fun, get along, and they can see evidence of that. When they see how well your employees get along at corporate events, they’ll flock to you.

Make Your Corporate Party The Envy of Competitors

When you have big and exciting corporate parties, you ensure that your employees feel appreciated. Rather than leaving them to put together their own fun, get a venue and get a photographer and let your staff do the rest.

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