Did you know 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies use fun games to engage staff, boost retention rates, and increase revenue? More and more employers are turning to games to build foundations and opportunities.

The real question is: how can you host the best team building event for your company?

Wondering how you can “blow-the-socks” off your team at your next team building event? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to explore how you can host an awesome and unforgettable team building event!

Food, Food, Food

Here’s something we can all agree on. We all love food, but what we love more than food is free food.

Of course, you should consider sending out RSVP’s to have enough for anyone. You can also take that opportunity to ask for any food allergies. Ask for food preferences as well to give your team options. This ensures everyone has something to eat, and no one leaves ill-spirited.

Eating food together isn’t only about eating. Eating together is a number one bonding tool. Food has a special ability to bring people together and build relationships! Use food as an icebreaker. There isn’t a better way to get your team pumped for an event than to mention there will be cake or pizza.

We promise, if you mention free food, your team members will be anticipating the big event. This is the perfect start to getting to know one another. Plus, it shows your employees that you actually want them to have fun.

Keep Adventure in Mind

Another element of hosting a successful team building event is icebreaker games. We all remember the first day on the job and can relate to feeling shy and insecure. That’s why we recommend large group games. They break the ice and get your team comfortable speaking to each other.

If you have large groups of people you may consider planning on group games that are fun and stimulating. Stray away from the overused games like the classic name game or two truths and a lie. These games are mind-numbing and will put your team to sleep in no time.

The goal isn’t to make your team drool out of boredom. It’s to get them engaged and excited about working for your company. Start off by creating activities that’ll help them gain confidence.

Ask yourself some easy questions. How can you bring your new teammates together? How can you show offer what your company stands for? The best way to help your new team interact with each other is to have them play team building games.

Hosting a Playful Team Building Event

Again, you want to engage and excite your team, not put them to sleep. We recommend bringing in a little adventure into your team building event. Think outside the box.

Consider options that you didn’t feel were possible before. Your employees will appreciate your uniqueness. Being different from other employers is a huge statement piece. You’ll feel confident that you’re making the right move by investing!

If you’ve run dry on ideas, don’t fret! We’ve got a list of ideas to get your creativity flowing.

1. Laster Tag Anyone?

Physical activity eases the nerves of first meetings. Get your team fired-up and bonded with a good kick of adrenaline. Laser tag is one of the greatest team building activities to choose from.

In laser tag, your team splits into mini-teams that compete against each other. It gets your team moving, working together, and talking to one another. They’ll have to work together to plan the best methods toward success.

This’ll also be setting a strong and solid foundation for the growth of your outstanding team!

Games like laser tag are also enjoyable–they don’t seem like work. That’s what makes them so vital for team building activities. In these games they’re gaining and practising the skills they’ll use in the office. The best part is they’re doing it without even realizing it.

2. Fancy a Jigsaw Puzzle?

We understand not all workplaces are able to take part in adrenaline-pumping activities. Some teams are more attracted to relaxed and easy-going games.

Don’t sacrifice fun because of fear! Try out giant board games and puzzles. You can buy an over-sized Jenga or Jigsaw game and play at any local venue.

What is nice about these puzzle games is they serve the same purpose as active games like laser tag. Your team will have to problem-solve and consider important details to solve puzzles.

You can make this more competitive by buying two sets and splitting up your team into groups. This may also be an icebreaker game. You can choose puzzles to get your teammates talking and bouncing ideas off one another.

As a leader, you’ll start to see how your teammates will be in the office setting. To keep them engaged for the long haul, and well beyond this initial event, keep the board games for office game day! Office games are huge stress-relievers. They lighten the mood when work has been extra rough.

3. Snap! Snap! How About a Photo Booth?

This is the first event where your entire team will be together. Not only that, they’re going to be enjoying themselves together. There isn’t a better time to start the team photo album than now!

Capture the moment where it all started with a photo booth. These are great fun if you many people who are wanting to have a good time. Toss in a box with masks, feather boas, or a moustache on a stick!

Still not convinced? Check out our reasons why you should try out a photo booth at your next team building event or corporate party. It’s an all-inclusive activity that lets you hold on to precious memories for a lifetime.

Our Two Cents For Your Team Building Event

Hosting a team building event can seem daunting. When you invest yourself and plan, you’ll pull off the best event your team never saw coming.

Let us tag along on your journey of discovery. We would love to bring some great fun to your next corporate event. That’s why we offer personalized corporate packages. They come with unlimited prints that you can share with everyone.

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