So, you’re in charge of planning the upcoming corporate party. You may have spent days hunched over info sheets of venues and caterers trying to get the “big picture” stuff just right.

But when it comes to planning a party, the small details are often just as important in ensuring its success. What will your guests do when dinner is over?

You’ll need to find the perfect entertainment option to help your employees cut loose and have fun. And a photo booth can do just that. Everyone will have a blast taking photos, and they’ll even get a little keepsake to remember the night by.

However, half the fun is trying out all the cool photo booth props. So, which props should you supply? Keep reading to discover 9 awesome ideas.

1. Themed Hats

Are you throwing a holiday party? Or maybe your company is celebrating a huge increase in sales over the past quarter.

Be sure to include some themed hats to tie this into the party. This could be as simple as having Santa hats and reindeer antlers for a Christmas party, or a top hat and big dollar sign headband for celebrating your increase in sales.

Or maybe you’re throwing a themed party just for the fun of it. Make sure you include hats that play in with that theme.

2. Photo Frames

What’s more fun than taking a faux-photo inside a photo?

Photo booths bring out feelings of nostalgia for many people. Let’s face it–when was the last time you got those classic photo booth printed photos?

Take this feeling up a notch by providing a large polaroid cutout. Your guests can hold it up, so it appears they are in a polaroid picture.

You could also include wooden or decorated photo frames. People will have a blast posing as though they were in a picture.

3. Moustaches on Dowels

Fancy moustaches were all over magazines and blogs a few years ago when the hipster craze was in full swing. Although this style isn’t really trending anymore, men are still looking to achieve that perfect and well-formed moustache.

Moustaches have been a part of pop culture for decades, so although the most recent front-and-centre attention has died down, everyone still loves a good moustache photo booth prop.

Although fake moustaches that attach to your face with a small piece of double-sided tape may be easier to find, opt for moustaches on wooden dowels. It’s more hygienic and people can use it all night, whereas that tape is bound to wear off after a few uses.

4. Oversized Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with some fun sunglasses. After all, sunglasses and hats are the classic photo booth props that everyone is expecting.

But don’t bore your guests with some dollar store sunglasses. Not only are regularly sized sunglasses less fun, but it’s harder to see the bright colours and prints on the photo.

That’s why you should opt for oversized sunglasses. The crazier and brighter they are, the better.

5. Colourful Ties and Bowties

Of course, nothing goes better with those oversized sunglasses than a large, colourful tie or bowtie.

Just like with sunglasses, you want to go big and outlandish here. Finding an ugly tie at your local department store won’t make a great prop. It won’t show up very well in the picture, and those who can make out the print will just think the wearer has bad taste in ties.

Instead, you want clown-esqe ties and bowties. And again, the more bizarre, the better.

6. Masquerade Masks

Who doesn’t love trying on a good masquerade mask? Those giant feathers and cool shapes make for the perfect photo booth prop.

But don’t just settle with female masquerade masks. Get some traditional masculine masks, like a Bauta, so guys can join in on the fun too.

7. Emoji Masks

It seems like there’s no escaping from emojis nowadays. Not only are they on our phones and social media pages, but you can find emoji-themed pillows, bedding, and mugs.

So it should come as no surprise that emoji masks would make a great photo booth prop. Choose a few of the most common ones, such as the heart eyes and crying/laughing emojis. Your employees will love that you’re mixing pop culture into the corporate party.

8. Chalkboard

Do you have a few witty employees? Photo booth props make for funny pictures, but sometimes it’s your guests who can make them hysterical.

A chalkboard (or dry erase board) is a great way to let your employees slip unforgettable puns and one-liners into their photos. Plus, it’ll have them coming back for more as they think of better things to write!

9. Backdrops

Have you ever taken a photo booth photo and wished there wasn’t a random person or cluttered wall in the background?

Including a backdrop is the best way to ensure everyone has the perfect background free from distractions. It can also give your employees a little inspiration and bring all the elements together for a cohesive picture.

The Best Photo Booth Props

Don’t forget to think about entertainment when planning your next corporate event.

A photo booth is the perfect way to let your employees have fun and take a keepsake to remember the night by. Just follow the above ideas the make sure you include the best photo booth props to take your party to the next level.

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