It’s almost time for the next company party, but you’re ready to upgrade the experience this time around. That’s most likely a good idea, because believe it or not, not all of your employees will be as excited as you are for the party.

In fact, one study by Glassdoor found that only 5% of employees truly look forward to the company parties that are thrown. That can be a daunting statistic, but there is a way to liven up the party a little bit.

Have you considered renting and running a photo booth for this upcoming party? You might find that your employees become way more enthusiastic once they arrive on the scene. Photo booths are a fun and interactive way to bring everyone together in the spirit of the party.

If you still aren’t convinced that a photo booth is worth the money, continue reading this article.

The Background and Props Will Loosen Everyone Up

Have you ever actually participated in a photo booth at an event? It is more than just a camera and a black screen to stand in front of.

The best photo booths come with a more exciting background, as well as tons of props and fun enhancements for the photos. You can usually find funny hats, masks, or even feather boas! All kinds of things are available with photo booths, so the variety will be sure to spice up the party.

Having an outlet to be a bit silly will allow your employees to loosen up. They will no longer want to simply mill around their favorite cheese dip. You’ll find that a line will actually form to get in on the action.

Everyone, No Matter Their Age, Will Love It

The great thing about a photo booth is that no one really gets left out. Sure, there might be a stickler here or there who tries to avoid the smiling group in front of the camera. Sure enough, though, they will get dragged into the fun.

First, the photo booth is not an activity that requires any specific skills or physical activity. You really only have to stand there, and you only smile if you want to. There are no limitations on who would be able to join.

Second, there’s nothing like acting a little silly to make everyone feel young again!

A Photo Booth Raises Office Morale

If your office employees are used to a more mundane working environment, this photo booth will certainly shock them back to life. You can bet that after having this at your next company party, your employees will be talking about it for a while.

Creating that kind of fun, enlivening atmosphere is a great way to make sure your employees are happy and satisfied. Hopefully, this means they’ll stick around longer.

It Creates a Central Gathering Point

Don’t worry, at one point or another absolutely everyone at the party will want to get in line at the photo booth. There simply is no way to avoid it.

You will see that people actually start to gather around the photo booth without being asked to. Such an enticing activity will draw everyone in. It will become the natural focal point for the entire party.

“Do you want to get in line at the photo booth with me?”, is a question you will constantly be hearing. Everyone will want their chance, so pretty much everyone will be milling around near it. This is yet another way for your employees to happen upon a meaningful connection with another that they weren’t expecting.

Your Employees Will Finally Make Genuine Connections

Standing in front of a camera with a silly hat on next to someone creates a sort of bond that one simply cannot falsify. If your employees have not connected with each other before, they will be sure to after this photo booth experience.

You might find that some of your employees are even meeting each other for the first time, all because they kept getting in line at the photo booth. Connections will be made, and you will be the one to thank.

Especially if your office environment is normally boring for some of them, your employees will love the opportunity to make lasting connections to take with them through the next working day.

Who knows? Your company party’s photo booth might even be the reason two unexpected lovers come together. Then, they most likely will end up having a photo booth at their own wedding someday!

The Memories Will Last a Lifetime

It might seem like an obvious benefit, but the point of a photo booth is to make pictures that last. Your employees will cherish the goofy, fun, exciting times they had at your company party.

The testimonials about photo booths are essentially endless. Everyone will rave about the smart thinking on your part to ensure there is a fun, meaningful activity at the company party.

Thanks to the modern Age of Technology, there are additional ways to hang on to these memories other than just a physical copy. Everyone’s social media account will be exploding of their photo booth experience.

In fact, there are over 2 million photos with the caption “#photobooth” on Instagram. This is a great way for you to ensure that your party is one which your employees will never forget. They might even already start looking forward to the next one.

Professionals Can Make This Experience Run Flawlessly

Hopefully, by now you are pretty convinced that having a photo booth at your next company party will be worth the investment. There are simply not enough reasons to not have one available for your employees.

You deserve to make this party be the best one your company has yet seen. A respectable photo booth is a way to ensure that is the case.

We know how important it is to make your party really stand out from the rest. That is why our professional photo booth for hire might truly suit your needs. Learn more about us today to spice up that upcoming office party.

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