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Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo Booth Pictures

Attend a wedding, holiday party, conference or Bar Mitzvah and you’ll find a photo booth. It’s the ultimate answer to “pics or it didn’t happen.”

One sign of popularity is the 19% increase in Google searches for “photo booth rental” over the past 3 years.

A booth provides affordable entertainment for attendees. It promotes fun interactions during the event. The resulting photo strip makes a great souvenir.

If you’re hiring a photo booth or attending an event with one, make sure you get a perfect picture. Keep reading to learn how.

Pose Solo or Share the Moment

All dressed up and want a picture? Take advantage of the booth to get a solo photo. Grab your drink and toast cheers to the camera. It’s a classic photo booth pose.

Need more solo ideas? Move across the screen in slow motion in each shot. Put your head in a different corner for each photo. Move up or down in each image like you’re in an elevator or walking downstairs.

A booth is a good solution if you have trouble getting photos with your special someone. Grab your favourite person and head to the booth.

Make it fun, sweet or ridiculous:

  • Blow Kisses and Catch Them
  • Pucker Up for a Big Smooch
  • Create a Heart Together with Your Hands
  • One Person Picks Up the Other
  • Big Winks
  • Surprise Kiss
  • Pretend to Reel Someone in with a Fishing Pole

Use the photography rule of thirds when you stand in the booth. It’s a useful guideline to balance the photo and make it more interesting.

Next Level Posing

Skip the stiff smiles and serious poses. If it’s an open-air booth with no walls take advantage of the space.

Reenact an iconic film scene or show off your dance moves. Perform Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Gagnam Style.

More room means more people. Grab the entire crew for a pose. Find out how many of your peeps can fit in the booth doing the Chicken Dance.

Try options like Walk Like an Egyptian or The Robot in an enclosed booth.

Prop Up Your Photo

One of the best parts of a photo booth is the wide array of props. Take a few moments to look at your options. Silly, sassy, and unexpected props get the party rolling.

Don’t be afraid to choose something outlandish. Grab a moustache, boa, or mask to get your props on. Giant sunglasses and wings look good on you.

Photo booths offer trendy, stylish, and classic accessories, too. Make a plan with your friends to create your theme before stepping inside the booth.

Photo booth companies can provide special themed props for an extra fee.

Strike a Pose and Vogue

Now that you have your props, it’s time to pose. Take a minute to get in position before pressing the start button.

Centre everyone in front of the background. If you have a crowd, squeeze together to keep everyone in the frame.

When you’re ready, strike a pose. You have 4-5 seconds between shots. You’ll get better results if you change poses, not positions. A group of people changing positions often isn’t ready for the next photo.

Relax and Have Fun

The most important photo booth tip is to relax. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then reopen your eyes.

Imagine someone you like is taking the photo. Say “money” instead of “cheese” for a more natural smile.

Don’t be afraid to let loose. Use the props to embrace your inner silliness. Encourage your friends to do the same.

If you don’t want to be the centre of attention, try a photobomb. Take the fun up a notch by adding funny props.

Keep It Classy

Being silly doesn’t mean crude. Keep it classy and lighthearted.

Some of the best poses are simple. Put on dark sunglasses and pose like a supermodel. Recreate a favourite selfie. Style your version of an iconic image.

If the booth is at a wedding, strike a pose to entertain the bride and groom.

Know Your Lighting

The best photos take advantage of good lighting. Indoor open-air and enclosed booths use flash lighting to illuminate the image area.

Exterior open-air booths can take advantage of sun or shade. Ask for extra lights when shadows are a concern.

If possible, embrace the Golden Hour with exterior open-air booths. It’s the window of time right after sunrise and right before sunset. There’s a flattering golden hue that’s perfect for photographs.

Consider the Backdrop

If you’re in charge of the photo booth, choose a classic backdrop.

The scene behind the subjects makes a huge difference. If it’s busy or colourful it distracts from the people.

Choose a solid colour for an enclosed booth. Open booths work best with a gold and silver backdrops or a brick wall. An outdoor photo booth looks great with a green hedge backdrop.

Colour or Black and White Photos

If you want unique photos, print them in black and white. Choose a plain backdrop and simple props for a classic result.

The elegant setup influences everyone who steps into the booth for a photo.

Customize Photos for Your Event

Beyond the backdrop and type of print, you can customize the photos to match your event.

Add a logo and brand colours for a corporate event. Match a wedding theme. Print a hashtag or quote on the photo strip.

Get creative beyond custom colours and personalized photo borders. Imagine a Roaring ’20s or steampunk theme for your event. How about a medieval wedding?

Choose props that match your theme or create your props for a one-of-a-kind celebration. Extra details make the photo booth match your event. It also makes it easier for guests to get into character and pose in the booth.

Choose the Right Photo Booth for the Situation

Photo booths are available as open-air or enclosed booths. Open-air booths are best in tight spaces.

Photo Booth Party Hire specialises in 7 kinds of portable photo booths:

  • Social Pods
  • Open Air Selfie Pods
  • Magic Selfie Mirror
  • Instagram Booth
  • Green Screen
  • Gif Booth
  • Green Screen

Choose a booth based on your space and the number of guests. A large event benefits from using more than one photo booth to reduce waiting time.

Photo Booths Capture Memories

People love taking photos to capture a moment. A photo booth gives attendees at any event a special added experience.

Renting a photo booth is a smart move. It promotes fun and interaction among your guests. It also saves time and money compared to other party favours.

Ready to rent a booth and perfect your pose? Contact us today to arrange for flawless photos at your special event in London or Essex.

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