Pros and Cons for Hiring a Photo Booth

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Pros and Cons for Hiring a Photo Booth

If you are considering using a photo booth for a future event, this guide can help make the decision easier. Here are the pros and cons of hiring a photo booth.

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The popularity of photo booths is constantly changing. Some years, it’s popular. In other years, it’s a flop.

A lot of this is due to the fact that there are so many ways to take photos at events these days: Photographers, iPhones, personal cameras, a tripod, etc.

So if you have an event coming up, should you hire a photo booth?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of photo booth hire in Essex and photo booth hire in Colchester.

Read on to learn more about it all.

Benefits of Photo Booths

Whether you are looking for a wedding photo booth hire or a corporate photo booth hire, there are some benefits to be aware of when you hire a photo booth for your next event.


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a photo booth for your next event is that it is quite entertaining. In addition to providing photography for both yourself and the attendees of the event, it is fun to do. Even if people don’t want to keep the pictures, the act of going into a photo booth, dressing up, acting silly, or just getting a cute photo is fun within itself.

At your event, you can provide props and other types of equipment for the photo booth. If someone wants an entertaining time, they can use these props and bring them into the photo booth. This makes the event more entertaining on top of just providing pictures.

Use as a Party Favor

If you don’t want your guests to leave empty-handed, you are going to need to think of some way to give out party favors. Adding a photo booth your event is the perfect way to do so. Think about it: if you had a photographer, the guests would not be leaving with those photos.

However, the guests can leave with a party favor of their photo booth photos.

No Extra Work

Whether you would hire a photographer or try to do the photography yourself, going with a photo booth will give you more time to enjoy the party rather than working to take photos.

A photo booth is also quite straightforward so that guests know exactly how to use it without you helping them.

Build Awareness

If you are having an individual party, building awareness may not be on your radar. However if this is a company event or a special event of some sort, using a photo booth can actually build awareness for your business and event.

How? Because there are many options on a photo booth after taking a photo where you can choose to automatically upload the pictures to Instagram or Facebook. This immediately advertises and builds awareness for the event that you are at.

You can incentivize people to post to Instagram or Facebook in a competition to help with the awareness piece of it.

No Pressure

Everyone likes to take their photo. However, when you use the photo booth it is more than just taking a photo. People see it as fun and are more likely to take photos of themselves than wandering over to a photographer.

This means you will have more photos after the event.

The Cons of Using a Photo Booth 

While there any many benefits of using a photo booth, there are also downsides of choosing to hire a photo booth. It is important to weigh your options before making a final decision of whether you should hire a photo booth.

Terms and Conditions of Use

When you are a photographer, you are signing a contract for what you want, what you’re paying, and what the photographer will provide. However, it does not come with a terms and conditions of use. On the other hand, hiring a photo booth does.

You have to understand these terms and conditions of use before hiring so that you know what to expect.

Tech Errors

A photo booth, much like other technology these days, is not safe from errors. Because it is all based on technology, they’re gonna be an error at any point. If this happens, the photo booth will be out of business for the rest of the event or at least for the time being.


It is important to take note of the budget that you have for the event. Having a photo booth can be costly, and it often depends on how long you want to use the photo booth for.

For instance, many photo booth companies will charge you by the hour. If you want to keep it on the lower end of the budget, you can simply keep the photo booth for the first two hours of the event. You can then just remind guests to use it before it is gone.

Be sure to put together a photo booth budget before you go through and make a higher. This way, you know what is in your budget and what is out of it. 

Photo Booth Hire in Essex

What are the pros and cons of a photo booth hire in Essex, you may be thinking that you want to hire a photo booth. That’s great! You won’t regret that decision when everyone at the party and event loves the booth!

If you are ready to get started, we want to help you have the best experience with your photo booth hire. You can contact us at Photo Booth Party Hire! We do corporate events, weddings, and other parties as well.