Here to Make Memories: 10 Fabulous Hen Party Ideas in London

hen party ideas in london

Nearly 4 in 10 women get “cold feet” before the wedding day. 

What better way to calm your nerves, then to go out to celebrate getting hitched with your ladies?

However, do you want to make your hen party memorable? You probably don’t want to have a party which is just another night drunkenness and clubbing.

Get creative with our hen party ideas in London. Check them out below!

1. Adventure at an Escape Rooms 

Escape rooms started out in Japan. But, since they arrived in London a few years ago, they have become hugely popular.

There are already dozens of escape rooms which offer incredible experiences for groups. 

Did you invite many ladies from work, school, and university? They probably don’t know each other very well.

If you want to break the ice, solving puzzles and working together as a team is a great way to achieve this.

Escape rooms may not keep you occupied for the whole hen party. However, you can always start with one and head to the club after.


2. Photo shoot With the Girls

You are about to get hitched!

You have your favourite people around you and you probably look gorgeous. That’s a great opportunity to get some professional snaps.

Hire a photo booth for your hen party. You may not be able to get everyone together in one photo.

But, throughout the night, you’ll be able to get plenty of memorable photographs of your crazy night in London town.

3. Record Your Own Song 

Did you grow up wishing you would become a singer?

You may occasionally go to karaoke or open mike nights. But, that’s not enough for your hen party.

You could hire a professional recording studio in London. There are many places where you can rent for a few hours.

Why not play the recorded song at your wedding? It could be a surprise gift for your partner on a special day.

4. Get Down and Dirty With Paintballing

You don’t even need to escape the city to find places to go paintballing. This is an affordable way to let off steam before the big day.

However, you don’t want to be covered in bruises at your wedding. Nobody shoots the bride-to-be with any paintballs. The maid of honour is definitely fair game though!

5. Pamper Yourself With a Spa Day

Surveys show that men like to go to the spa together as a couple. And yet, women definitely don’t agree. They want to go either alone or with the girls.

But, can you say “no” to your hubby? Take the opportunity while you can to enjoy a spa day with your female friends.

London certainly knows how to deliver luxury. There are numerous spas for every budget. 

If you’re planning on taking you whole clan, see if you can grab a special deal at the spa before you show up. 

6. Hire a Boat for a Gentle or Crazy Experience

There are many options for boat rides in London. Both gentle and crazy experiences can be provided.

Londoners walk along the Thames regularly. And yet, few people have had the opportunity to take a speedboat up the river.

If you want to experience the adrenaline of speeding past pedestrians and making waves in the middle of the busy city, this is amazing activity.

You can also sip drinks and play music loudly on the boat while you zoon past. You need to be able to stump up the cost of £400 per ride as well. 

If you prefer the scene of rowing through Hyde Park or Regent’s Park, then £10 per hour should do the trick for you.

7. Champagne on the London Eye

The London landmark is the most popular visitor experience in town. It’s not hard to see why. There are spectacular views to soak up when you get the top.

However, there may be something missing for some of your ladies. The London Eye can be significantly improved by a glass of champagne or two.

If champagne is not your thing. You can also chocolate tasting experience or wine tasting. Book a private capsule for around £500 to enjoy this.

8. Afternoon English Tea 

What is more classic London than afternoon tea?

You can head to one of the many tea houses to experience the sophistication of London teatime.

Sandwiches, cakes, and cups of tea. If you have grandmas and aunties at your hen party, you may find that afternoon tea is more inclusive.

If you want a boozy celebration later, you can always embark on this after.

9. Hire a Party Bus to Explore London

You may be tourists in the capital. If you’re heading into the capital from Essex, how can you celebrate your hen party and also explore the city?

You could hire a party bus. Enjoy your party on one of the classic red double-decker buses which you’ll spot around the city.

10. Trampoline Park Experience 

Are you jumping for joy about getting married to your one true love?

You can show it during your hen party at the trampoline park. You can bounce the night away!

At the trampoline park, there are 150 trampolines connected together. You can simply bounce from one to another.

Do you want to get competitive? Start a game of dodge ball to test you and your ladies to the max. 

Hen Party Ideas in London

There are so many amazing hen party ideas in London, the hard part is choosing what to do to celebrate getting married to your fiancee. 

Do you want to hire a photobooth for your hen party? You need to make sure you have plenty of silly and fun props to make things interesting. Check out these ideas!