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Hashtag Instagram Print Station Hire

All you need to do with this genius idea is ask guests to upload their photos to twitter & or instagram and our very own print station will search these social media app's & download the pictures straight to the screen, users can then choose their pictures and print them out instantly.

Our hashtag print station is perfect for weddings, parties, brand activation, corporate events, or where social media exposure at a large scale event is a must.

How it works.....


Choose or Create a unique hash tag specific to your event.

We work with you to customise your prints and branding option. We’re able to offer complete customisation of prints that is perfect to suit any type of event or theme. Want prints clean and simple? Or would you prefer coloured backgrounds and overlays? We got it covered! Photos are a great memento to take home from an event and by having it branded (logos, sponsors, information etc.) creates a fantastic marketing opportunity that could stay with your guests for years to come! Do you remember the last time you printed a physical photo?

We'll help you share & promote the hash tag to encourage social media activity.

We will ensure you get more prints and maximum hashtag/brand exposure. Our aim is to encourage guests to take photos whilst having a good time.

Take Photos

Guests can upload their photos with Instagram or Twitter and include the hash tag. Unlike other companies, we offer truly unlimited prints and onsite reprints! For example, if a group photo is taken, we will print as many photos needed and give it to each person. There’s nothing better than offering guests complimentary prints as it allows maximum usage of your hashtag – included as standard. We don’t charge extra or charge per print so there is no need to worry about how much it will cost you per print.

Photos will instantly be displayed on the interactive touch screen and printed out FREE of charge for guests to keep. Now see your hash tag explode!​​​​

Hashtag Promotion
Our social media experts will work directly with you to find out how we are able to help make your event the biggest possible success. We’ll help get the word out so people know they will get free prints if they use your hashtag. For every event, we promote the hashtag directly on our interactive screen and through our social media channels. Plus, we can monitor the hashtag prior to the event, which is a nice surprise for guests when they arrive.

Why not try our tweet wall's or hashtag print wall where we can upload all pictures either digitally to a large TV or alternatively print them out and hang them or have them placed on a large wall to increase company exposure.

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