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The Average Photo Booth Rental Costs: A Complete Guide

If there’s one thing everyone wants to achieve with their events it’s memorability. You want your event to be talked about long after it ends, and one of the best ways to do this is to rent a photo booth. Not only do they remain a popular attraction at events, but their popularity is on the rise!

Photo booths are fun for any occasion, and they can also be very affordable if you go to the right place and find the right package. It’s not as hard as it might sound!

If you’re considering renting a photo booth for your event, here are the average photo booth rental costs you can expect, and a few ways you can get the most bang for your buck.

The Average Photo Booth Rental Costs

Photo booth prices vary a little bit depending on the type of booth you want, but on average you can expect to pay somewhere between £92 and £155 per hour for your booth. Additionally, most photo booth rentals have a minimum rental time of around two to three hours. The price increases the more hours you want the booth for, so it’s important to estimate the hours you need beforehand.

The best photo booth rental companies will cut you a deal the more hours you rent the booth. You can easily find a booth in the London area for £397 for three hours, perfect for a wedding, a birthday, a baby shower, or any other gathering you might be planning. Many companies also offer packages including custom photo prints, a staff member to make sure the booth runs smoothly, and layouts that’ll fit the theme of your wedding, birthday party, or whatever you’re planning.

On average you can probably expect to spend between £380 and £760 on a photo booth rental depending on how long you want it and how long your event is going to run. If you’re spending more than £420 for three hours though, you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.

Booth Type Matters

Renting a photo booth isn’t quite as simple as just putting the money down and taking the booth. There are different types of booths to consider, and certain feature-rich booths will cost a little extra on top of the rental price.

An open-air booth, for example, is usually significantly cheaper than an enclosed one. Open-air photo booths aren’t booths at all, but rather a backdrop, camera, printer, and necessary accessories to ensure great pictures every time such as lights. These are great options for outdoor events and weddings, school dances, as well as those looking for a booth on a budget.

Enclosed booths will cost you a bit more. These are your more “traditional” photo booths with four walls, a curtain, a camera and a printer built right into the structure. Enclosed booths cost more because there are more materials used for the booth itself, but they’re often more feature-rich and attractive to guests.

Your event and budget will ultimately dictate which kind of photo booth you want to rent. Enclosed booths can be more enticing to guests due to their privacy and more “classic” appeal, but open-air can appear classier. Make sure to consider your event before deciding which type you need, as well as your budget.

Special Features

Most photo booth companies give you the choice of adding special features to your booth. These include things like custom backgrounds, fun props, photo albums, and social media features. Some machines can even make it look like you’re on the cover of a magazine or give your photos a classic, old-school look complete with noise and sepia tones.

These features will, of course, add to your rental price, but it also increases the chances that your guests will use your booth. To get the best deals on these features it’s important to consult your photo booth rental company about their package deals and what package makes the most sense for your event. The more you know about your event and the people attending, the more they’ll be able to help you find the right features.

Saving Money

There are a few things you can consider if you’re trying to save money on a photo booth rental.

The time and date, for example, is a big factor in price. Weekends tend to be more expensive than weekdays as this is when photo booths are in highest demand. Holidays are also more expensive, so consider the date and time whenever you’re thinking about renting a photo booth.

Many companies offer discounts if you fall under certain groups, including the military and school staff. So if you’re trying to get a photo booth for a school dance, it’s definitely worth mentioning to the rental company. You also want to make sure you’re only renting the booth for as long as you need and not going over the time to avoid paying extra for something you’re not going to use.

If you’re going the open-air route you can even go sans-backdrop, opting instead to use the backdrop of the venue or a custom-made backdrop. This should decrease costs a little bit. You can also make sure to just get the features you need, opting to save by avoiding social media posting options, and things like custom backgrounds.

Everyone Loves Photobooths

Photo booths are fun for people of all ages, and renting one can easily become the centre of the party. A photo booth will add a unique flair to any event you’re looking to host and ensure that every guest has a memento of the great night they just had. Now that you know the average photo booth rental costs, consider a photo booth for your next event to make your memorable night even more memorable.

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