12 Reasons To Use A Photo Booth Rental Company At Your Wedding

photo booth rental

Wondering how to make your wedding unique, memorable, and fun for every last guest?

Of course, you’ll walk away from the big day with new, amazing memories. But it can be hard to figure out how to make the day just as special for your guests as it is for you.

Photo booth rental is one of the best ways to ensure your wedding is everything you want it to be, without investing much time or money.

Wondering about all the benefits of photo booth rental for weddings? Let’s take a closer look.

1. They’re Entertaining

It can be hard to keep guests entertained throughout a wedding. After all, you already have so much to focus on – how can you also make sure your friends and family members are having a great time?

With photo booth rental, you won’t need to worry about entertainment. Photo booths are beloved by everyone, so they’re a good choice no matter who your guests are.

If the booth comes with accessories and props to pose with, even better. Guests can spend hours dressing up in silly costumes and taking pictures together. This takes away the pressure to provide lasting entertainment throughout the reception.

2. They Offer Automatic Wedding Favors

It can be hard to think of meaningful, personal wedding favors to give you. However, photo booth rental automatically comes with its own favors – and even better, they’ll be unique for each guest.

These fun, candid photos will be kept for years by your guests. Stop trying to think of monogrammed trinkets to give you, and just rent a photo booth instead.

3. They’re Affordable

Weddings today are notoriously expensive. You’ll want to save money where you can, so you can spend on the aspects of your wedding that you care most about.

Fortunately, renting a photo booth doesn’t cost much. This is a small investment for hours of entertainment for guests.

4. They’re Easy

Wedding set-up can be incredibly difficult. You or your loved ones might be arranging flowers, setting out food, setting up tables, and hanging decorations throughout the day.

Don’t you want a form of entertainment that’s simple? A photo booth requires almost no set up, and it is good to go for the whole day (or night) when you have it in place.

Reduce your workload by renting a photo booth so you can turn your attention to the rest of the wedding.

5. There’s No Wait for Photos

No wedding is complete without photos. However, when you only have a traditional photographer, guests can wait for a long time to get their photo taken. Some might even give up on the wait and end up appearing in no photos at all.

With a photo booth, you reduce the wait time for guests to get their face in front of the camera. You let guests take charge of when and how they want to document the moment.

You’ll likely still want to have a traditional photographer on hand, but a photo booth rental can pick up the slack. This also makes the photographer’s job easier, allowing them to capture more great moments, naturally.

Guests will love the instant gratification a photo booth offers. The photo is in their hand within minutes, and if it seems unflattering, they can easily retake it.

6. They’re Good for All Ages

It can be hard to think of wedding entertainment that’s appropriate for everyone. The things your siblings and college friends would love might be totally out of line for the young children attending.

Fortunately, a photo booth suits everyone, no matter how old they are. It’s both fun and appropriate for any generation, from kids to grandparents.

7. They’re Nostalgic

At least a few of the people at your wedding will likely remember a time before smartphones. Photo booths bring back some nostalgia of those times before we all had cameras in our pockets every day.

Photo booths, complete with props, have been around for a long time – some might call them the original way to take a selfie. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, no matter how old they really are.

8. They’re Conversation Starters

Worried about how guests from different backgrounds will be able to connect and get along? Add a photo booth to the mix, and you won’t need to worry about getting the conversation flowing.

Guests can quickly bond while taking pictures and posing with props. You won’t have to worry about dull moments with everyone standing around awkwardly when you have a photo booth on hand.

9. They’re High Quality

Although photo booths have been around for a while, they no longer produce only grainy, low-quality images. Rent a top of the line photo booth and you can get beautiful images of your guests in black and white or color.

10. They Can Be Themed

Themed weddings are common, and you want everything to seamlessly blend in with the theme. A themed photo booth is the perfect choice.

You can make them work for any theme you want just by changing the props that you make available. Whether it’s a specific theme, like a beach wedding, or simply a color scheme, it will work with a photo booth.

11. They’re Perfect for Sharing

Many modern photo booth companies offer social media sharing options for your pictures.

Hard copies are fun to have, but online sharing ensures that everyone can see your photos for years to come. Who doesn’t want more reasons to use their wedding hashtag?

12. Personalize Your Guestbook

Add a personal touch to your wedding guestbook by allowing guests to add their photo booth pictures. This makes the book more fun, playful, and personal for everyone.

Need Wedding Photo Booth Rental?

With all these tips, you can easily see why photo booth rental is the way to go for your wedding.

No matter how soon your wedding is, it’s never too early to plan. Wondering where to rent a photo booth for the big day? Check out our great packages here.


  1. Never knew about these. Great to learn about something a little different that can really make a wedding flow. There’s something about photo booths that brings out a fun side of people and there’s nothing quite like that experience of getting photos printed on the go and then doing it all over again.

  2. Interesting read! You have definitely got contemplating about renting one of these. My girlfriend and I are planning to get married next fall, and all I can imagine is how well this would be received by our families and friends.

  3. These are so much fun. I had one at my mum’s 80th birthday party last year and everyone had a great time with it, and, as you say, it kept everyone entertained when it might have been a dull affair otherwise!

    Enjoy the journey!


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